Artist photographer

Born in Agen, France, Martine Mougin lives and works in Paris. Starting in 1970, ,she devoted herself to painting and engraving and directed herself towards photography in 1982. Since 1985, her research has been in colorized photography.
She studied at the Art School in Bordeaux and also the ENSBA in Paris. She received grants from Ministry of Forein Affaairs of France  for the Rijksakademie of Amsterdam in 1971 and Art Scool of Budapest in 1972.

1990 City of Paris
1981 Price internationnal. of drawing, Riyeka, Y, commissary Alain Jouffroy
1996 Ministry of French culture

Solo Exhibitions

2014 / 2015 Gallery Second Jeudi, Festival Des Ethiopyques, Bayonne ( vidéos )

2014 " Désir de Cloitre" , commissary Sylvie Reymond Lépine, L'Angolino / Magalino, Suisse.  

2012 Gallery Sit down, Paris, commissary Sylvie Reymond-Lépine
2011 Festival Photofolies, Rodez, F, commissary Jean Cazelles
2009 School Gallery, Paris, commissary Olivier Castaing
2008 Mirta Demare Gallery, French Alliance Rotterdam
2005 International Festival of Photography, La Gacilly, F, president Jacques Rocher
2005 French Institute, Copenhagen DK
2004 Art Center, Imagiques Langon F
2001 Farideh Cadot Gallery, Paris
2000 Forum Gallery, Toulouse, commissary Lionel Bayol-thémines
1999 Image Gallery, Aarhus, Dk, commissary Beat Ciegelska
1999 Paul Ricard Foundation, Paris, commissary Colette Barbier
1999 Noordelight Festival, Natuurmuseum, Groningen, NL
1998 Encontros de Imagen Festival, Braga, P, commissary Rui Prata
1998 Re Gallery / Néotu, Paris, commissary Pierre Staudenmeyer
1996 Hotel region, Bordeaux, F, commissary Régine Graves
1995 Contrejour Gallery, Paris, commissary Claude Nori
1991 Pierre Nouvion Gallery, Monaco
1990 Art Center Champclause (Boltanski-Mougin), F

Group Exibitions
2015  "Le Trou"Gallery Michèle Chomette, Paris

2015 " Hommage à Bernard Point " Galllery  Haut Pavé, Paris

2015 " Objets of desire" Gallery mirta Demare, Rotterdam, NL

2014  Gallery Richard , Paris

2014 Grid Festival international, week photo Amsterdam, NL

2014  Festival Itxaxou, Itxaxou,  F

2014 Grid Festival international, Amsterdam photoweek, NL
2014 Galerie du Segond jeudi, Bayonne (Vidéo)/ festival Itxaxou, F
2014 Galerie Richard, Paris
2013 " Water and Dreams" Abbaye of Jumièges, F, Commissary Jean luc Monterosso and Dominique Goutard 
2012 " The Plants " Ilan Engel Gallery, Paris
2012 "Mois de la photo" in Paris "hommage à Yvette Troispous"musée du Montparnasse, commissary Claude Nori 
2011 Sit Down Gallery, Paris, commissary Françoise Bornstein
2011 Urdla Editions, Lyon, commissary Cyril Noirjean
2008 Farideh Gallery, Cadot
2008 La Galeria, Barcelone
2008 Festival of environnemental Images, Bercy, Paris
2007 Galerie Françoise Paviot, Paris
2007 Willem3 Art Center, Vlissingen, NL
2006 Interphoto Foundation, Amsterdam, NL, commissay Hans Peter Shoonenberg
2005 Farideh Cadot Gallery, "Photographs like medium",Paris
2005 Biennial of Images "Foods", Dieppe, F, commissary Martine Mangard
2003 Image-Imatge, festival Orthez, F, commissary Emily Flory
2002 Art Center Silkeborg, Dk, commissary Beat Ciegelska
2002 Festival international " Images of Earth ", Biarritz, Museum of Guéthary, F, commissary Claude Nori
2001 Hammond museum Japonaise Garden, NY, USA, commissary Barbara Bloming
1998 Paris Photo, Galerie RE
1998 Mois Off, Arles, F, commissary Christophe Laloi
1995 Museum of San Telmo, Donostia, S, curators Vincent Ducourau and Jean François Larralde 

2015 "La Menuiserie", Rodez
2013 Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, NL
2011 Urdla, Lyon, F
2009 Valparaiso, Andalousia, SP
2008 Foundation Mirta Demare, Rotterdam, NL
2007 Art center DeWillem 3 Vlissingen, NL
2006 Kaus Australis Rotterdam, French Institut Amsterdam, NL
2006 La Pommerie, D.r.a.c. Limousin F

Anglet, F / Fondation Yves Rocher F / French Institute of Copenhagen / Art center the Perreux F / Imagiques Langon F / Museum of Braga P / European museum of Photography Paris / City of Mulhouse F / French National Library / National Fund Of contemporary art

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Saskia Cohen Tanugi, Le "Sabra" de Martine Mougin, regard israélien sur une photographe contemporaine

Passage d'Encres "Syvie Reymond Lépine, 2011 / 2013
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Editions of Art
Editions a port folio " Noria", 2013
Urdla Editions, Lyon, F, 2011
Arte  Maeght, "Tauros" and " Wrhitng Plants", 1992

" Ecritures Végétales", mounting Teddy Barouh, 2012
"Ballets " 2013

Festival " Nature and Landscape", La Gacilly, F 2005
Gallery Forum , Toulouse, F, 2000
Arte  Maeght, "Tauros" and " Wrhitng Plants", 1992
"In love and Death", European Museum of Photography, Paris , 1998
House of image, paris, 1998